Know that you and your employees will get paid correctly and on time. Faults on your payroll can be costly. Let us help take that stress away.


National Insurance, Student Loans, Tax, Maternity Pay, Paternity Pay, the list goes on! Payroll can become a real headache for businesses to calculate and there are many bookkeepers and accountants out there who would rather avoid it. Not us! Let us handle the details so that you and your employees will be paid correctly and on time. Payroll must be prepared and submitted accurately or it can cause all sorts of problems from penalties to tribunals. Don’t let that worry you, we are here to help.

What makes our payroll service stand out from the crowd

At COS we conduct regular payroll training with our employees to ensure they are informed of the latest changes. When the pandemic hit, our team had to quickly learn how to process furlough claims and adapt whenever the scheme altered. Processes and procedures are in place to ensure efficiency and more were created when furlough came into the picture. 

Our employees are adept at a range of different software packages and we’re always open to trying new things. If we think using a different package will improve efficiency then we’ll tell you, then you can decide if it’s something you want to roll with. By the same token, if you hear of a new up and coming software please do tell us, we love to hear about new software.

What our customers really value from our payroll service

We have a team available to answer client questions and we work together to cover sickness and leave so that no payroll task or client question is left in the dark.

As mentioned above, our payroll team had to quickly adapt to the furlough scheme to ensure that our clients’ claims were done in a timely manner (and we didn’t charge a penny extra). Our customers appreciated that they did not have to worry about any of this, they could trust us to go away and deal with it for them. 

A good relationship with our customers is essential to a smooth operation. Clients are updated with crucial changes, such as new tax year updates, so they can be fully prepared and informed of what’s to come. Our staff will contact clients before making any changes to their payroll, and draft payslips and other documentation will be sent to be approved before alterations are made.


We do more than “just payroll”

Pension processing

Did you know that within three months of employing a member of staff you must sign them up for auto-enrolment whether they want to be enrolled or not?  Did you know that as soon as you become an employer your pension scheme should be in place on day one of your employee starting work (and not when they get paid)? Pension processing is part of our payroll duties here at COS; we are connected with a number of specialists who can advise you on the best pensions for you and your staff.

Payroll Training

If payroll is something you would prefer to do yourself but you’re feeling a little lost then we can help with that too. “What you don’t know, you don’t know” so it can be easy to make errors and not even realise. We offer payroll training and support to you and your staff so that mistakes can be avoided whenever possible. Always at the end of the phone or email, our team is on hand to make life easier for you.


For our full list of payroll and pension processing fees please visit our pricing page here

Not sure what you need? In need of advice?

If you’re feeling a little lost with payroll and would like some advice on what is best for your business then please click here to book an appointment with our MD Karen. She will conduct a FREE exploratory meeting with you to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can call us on 0161 850 3355 or email our payroll department:


What our clients say


Thank you for all of your help with setting up our Sage payroll. You really helped to make the process seamless and I feel I learnt a lot from you in such a short time – I will definitely recommend COS Bookkeeping

Rachel Walker

Rachel Walker

Accounts and Payroll Officer at Gibson Hollyhomes Recruitment website