Know that you and your employees will get paid correctly and on time. Faults on your payroll can be costly. Let us help take that stress away.


National Insurance, Students Loans, Tax…payroll can become a real headache to work out. Let us deal with the details so that you and your employees will get paid correctly and on time.

Don’t fall victim to fines

Faults on your payroll can be very costly. If you do not pay your staff the correctly tax and National Insurance it could result in hefty fines. Not only this but mistakes on your payroll could also cause staff grievances. If a staff member finds they have a large tax bill at the end of the year they will surely come back to you to investigate why.

You can be assured that our payroll department will handle your requirements professionally, efficiently and in full confidence. We work closely with you to ensure that employees and subcontractors are paid correctly.

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Setting up auto-enrolment

As soon as you employ a member of staff you must sign them up for auto-enrolment whether they want to be enrolled or not. It’s the law. Staff members can opt-out if they so wish but you as an employer must enrol them to begin with. The law is particularly strict on auto-enrolment and if ignored, strict fines can be imposed on you.

We work closely with a wonderful company called Enrolex who make the process easier for both you, your bookkeeper and your accountant. For more details about how we can help with auto-enolment please contact:


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Sage payroll help testimonial
14 April 2020

Thank you for all of your help with setting up our Sage payroll. You really helped to make the process seamless and I feel I learnt a lot from you in such a short time – I will definitely recommend COS Bookkeeping.