Accounts Software Training

We provide accounts software training for packages such as but are not limited to Quickbooks, Xero and Sage. Plus integrations such as Pleo, Fluidly, Receipt Bank and many more.


We thrive on new challenges and pride ourselves on keeping up to date the latest technology. We want our clients and members to feel confident that their accounts are in a safe place and that they can feel in control of their finances at the click of a button.

With modern technology, there are lots of new ways to learn but that doesn’t mean that they are all convenient and work every time.

Classroom, Webinar training and 1-2-1’s are still some of the best ways to learn. Here’s why…

Videos Age

  • Have you ever seen a video on your Facebook feed and after watching it realised that it’s actually quite a few years old? That’s okay for funny cat videos and the like but if it’s an instructional video on accounts software then it can be a risk.
  • Software is constantly changing and updating and sometimes within several months the way you’re used to doing something is forced to change dramatically. Videos can be a wonderful way to learn but just be cautious.

Reading a book doesn’t always cut it

  • Sometimes reading a “how-to” guide can make something appear more difficult than it actually is. Take knitting, for example, it’s far easier to watch someone do it hands-on that to read a set of instructions.
  • Furthermore, if you aren’t a Bookkeeper or Accountant and the guide is using industry heavy wording then that can be harder to understand
  • Another concern is, like videos, books age and their information quickly becomes dated. If you choose to follow a “how-to” guide ensure you check when it was published.

Having an experienced trainer can make all the difference

  • Our trainers use the mentioned software packages on a regular basis. We see how our clients use them and we’ve found out the hard way the right way to use them. This experience means that when you attend our accounts software training you will have access to raw knowledge and hands-on experience from our trainer.
  • You are free to ask as many questions as you like. If we don’t know the answer we love to investigate and find out. Our trainers are constantly learning themselves.

Contact us to organise bespoke training sessions for you and/or your colleagues.